Like most of good ideas, Floors For Rentals started with one guy who was pissed off about something and another one who decided to do something about it.

My landlord got tired of dealing with his units’ flooring maintenance. First, tenants who ruin the place, then the hassle of running around different showrooms with 1000’s of samples and nothing in stock, then knowing what flooring is the best choice for a rental, then finding a dependable contractors, then… you get the picture.

So, I’ve asked myself, what does every landlord truly needs when it comes to flooring.

Do they need a showroom full of 1000s of samples of different shades of flooring? Do they need to waste their time considering flooring types that are not good options for rental properties? Do they need to be over-marketed by all this “Big Liquidator” stores? The answer was a defiant “NO”!

However, I felt like, that was exactly what was going on for many landlords out there, but why?

Flooring should be simple. It sure used to be. My grandfather didn’t have to go through the hassle of looking for the right material, then installer, then babysitting them, then dealing with their bullsh*t.

That’s when it clicked. I decided to start a company that will only carry select colors of floors pre-vetted for rental properties based on their ROI.

Or in other words, a company that will only stock flooring that landlords SHOULD have in their properties in order to a) justify higher rents and b) save money by not dealing with flooring issues all the time. And guess what. To make material costs even more affordable than ANY OTHER “LIQUIDATOR” STORE.

But I didn’t stop there!

I thought:

You know what also sucks?

Finding dependable contractors who will provide no-hassle quotes upfront, show up when they supposed to and finish their job on time. You have a business to run and every day that property is empty you are losing money. Someone should just get on your project right away and get it finished ASAP!

And just like that, Floors For Rentals was born!

For a small fixed price you will receive a choice of a minimum of 4 different colors of luxury vinyl flooring delivered to your door in our mobile showroom the same day you call and an installation of that floor with all necessary preparations, moldings and cleanings done within 72 hours.

No more running around different showrooms. No more failing to find dependable contractors. No more wasting your time. Just a great service delivered to your door.

Welcome to Floors For Rentals.

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Get flooring pre-vetted for rentals. Make higher ROI.